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The list of the best VPNs must include NordVPN for many reasons, one of them being the best VPN provider in our top list. If we’re being honest, there isn’t a VPN that can do more than NordVPN, with the price range that it offers. Although there was a security breach reported back in 2019, the possibilities to find a VPN that offers the services that NordVPN does, are low.

NordVPN could provide you with more privacy if it increased the number of its servers, however, you should also know that it has more than 5,400 servers around 59 countries, a zero-record policy, and an administration in Panama. It’s an encoding powerhouse, and it includes a feature that lets you VPN into Tor.

NordVPN’s ratings include over 59,000 in the App Store, a score of 4.6 out of 5, and with 132,871 general reviews in the Google Play Store with a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Additionally, it’s not a surprise that the VPN user takes the trophy like the one who’s worth the most.

As an extra speed, NordVPN includes a feature called SmartPlay which helps with the streaming of the videos and it’s available in iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

Of course, the speed tests of NordVPN were run by us with the help of Ethernet and wireless connections. In the U.S, internet speeds depend a lot on the provider and the state. And as it happens with any speed test, the end results will depend on your district infrastructure, with an extremely fast internet service.

This can be considered one of the reasons why we’re more focused on how much speed is lost since any VPN can usually decrease your internet speed in half or even more. On average, NordVPN decreased our connection speed by 53%, whereas in 2019, it had a 32% speed loss. Although it’s not as fast as other contenders such as Surfshark or ExpressVPN, NordVPN’s speeds were quite fast, with no interruptions on the service and with a great performance on tasks where we doubted the most.

During the testing, the worldwide average speed of NordVPN proved to be 91 Mbps, whereas non-VPN speeds were 194 Mbps. Although it’s totally usual for a VPN to decrease your internet speed in half or even more, the important thing is that throughout the average of my five tests, NordVPN didn’t go under 85 Mbps. This makes NordVPN one of the steadiest VPNs I’ve dealt with.
The testing averages of Singapore were 98 Mbps, whereas the U.K speeds exceeded European speeds by a fraction. Moreover, U.K connections proved to be 99.93 Mbps by excelling German and French connections since their averages were 91.90 Mbps. During the testing of the NordVPN photo finish, Australia was ahead of the U.S scores, with 88 Mbps to 86 Mbps. These scores are not something to be disregarded.

The fact that NordVPN is centered in Panama is something which we appreciate since Panama is considered to be a privacy-friendly place since it doesn’t include a surveillance-sharing consensus.

The standard encoding for NordVPN is AES-256-CBC. Apart from this, it backs up Perfect Forward Secrecy, meaning that it often changes encoding keys in order to steer clear from safety agreements. Additionally, OpenVPN protocol is used by NordVPN since it has one of the safest protocols, along with IPSec/IKEv2, but it should be noted that the latter protocol is less safe but it’s fast. Other possible user-identifying data issues such as DNS, IP address were not found throughout our testing.

The kill switch safety feature is part of the VPN tools, and its job is to stop network data leakage from its safe VPN tunnel, in case the connection of the VPN doesn’t work. People who don’t know very much about the software should take into consideration the additional personal kill switch that lets you choose what apps you should kill in case the VPN doesn’t work. You should note that if there are apps that are not part of that list, they will still transfer information and then become a privacy responsibility.

The extra features have another site that works out as a filter for blocking out a wide range of harmful sites, tracker blocker, and optional advertising. The tracker blocker is further used to keep the speeds up for people who use VPN. Apart from this, we think that Nord’s double VPN feature is a great addition because it lets its users use many servers for additional encoding. Also, NordVPN’s obfuscation proved to be very effective in every testing.

Because of a report that one of NordVPN’s rented servers had access without permission back in 2018, in 2019, we had to move NordVPN from our recommended list to our penalty box back, in order to re-consider the recommendation from our side. After that report, NordVPN changed its actions by adding many safety investigations, vulnerability rewards programs, and a better investment for the VPN server safety.

Although we would’ve liked it if NordVPN’s team took charge of this problem earlier, considering the fact that the violation included no-user identifying data and it was restricted, this served as a way to confirm that NordVPN doesn’t keep information of user activity. After that, even NordVPN’s next move to put into use the full RAM disk served as a response to the allegations, however, that took a long time to convince us for the company’s safety dedication. This is why NordVPN is still part of our recommended list.

NordVPN’s effortless configuration, switch controls, along its server search options are some of the reasons why we like NordVPN. Also, while its interactive map graphic has a nice design, we feel like it could be more practical if it’s default setting recognized both the countries and cities around the world.

A 24/7 customer service support via live chat and the e-mail option, are other parts of the VPN. Also, NordVPN includes a sturdy support component on its website that serves as an authentic collection of tutorials and FAQs.

The limitless server switching and the no data caps are some other features of the VPN service provider. Apart from that, we also tested it on Netflix and we had no troubles streaming it. Through a single subscription, NordVPN offers a possibility to use 6 devices at the same time.

Because the VPNs are constantly changing, we think that NordVPN’s excessive discounts should be put into function directly towards its contracts so that the general purchasing worth improves. This can be taken as a criticism due to NordVPN’s history of being a leader in the VPN world, and it’s a criticism that could also be used for every VPN provider. For now, NordVPN includes a contract of two years with $3.71 per month, and it also offers a 68% discount which is promoted once in two years for only $89. But it also has a 30-day guarantee which means that you can get your money back if you don’t like NordVPN.

The payment methods you can use for NordVPN are a credit card, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, or other online payment platforms like iTunes, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Payments, UnionPay and AliPay. However, you should know that NordVPN doesn’t accept PayPal.

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